Extra-Curricular Clubs

Our extra-curricular clubs are designed to offer a broad choice to all pupils. Our pupil and parent voice generated ideas which we have worked hard to facilitate. Our Enrichment Lead ensures that our curriculum  provides opportunities for further enriching and personalising our curriculum. We have a provision which is rotated half-termly, allowing all pupils to attend a variety of clubs (sports and non-sports). These clubs are lead by our committed staff and the outside agencies which we work with. This broad range of clubs will develop pupils’ personal skills, increase confidence, resilience and social & emotional awareness. The inspirational extra-curricular opportunities which are offered to our children enable them to experience life in all its fullness.

Although our clubs are accessible to all pupils, consideration will be taken as to which pupils the clubs would have the most impact on. Our most disadvantaged children are invited and they are encouraged to attend. We are tenacious with our efforts to ensure they engage as we know the experiences and opportunities these clubs will bring them. Class teachers are also consulted about pupils with specific needs in their class, and provision is made to support them with their personal goals. These exciting extra-curricular opportunities along with astutely identifying vulnerable and SEND children supports and enables all pupils to flourish and make progress in their learning and spiritual development.

Please find details below of our extra-curricular club provision.

School Council

Members of the School Council were exemplary representatives of Beresford at the Remembrance Day Parade. Thank you to Bobby, Jacob, Ruth, Freddie, Sienna and Darcie who braved the rain to show their respect to the fallen.

Debate Club

Debate Club has begun with Jaxon and Freddie presenting some high quality questions to debate over. Jaxon’s question,  ‘Is milk chocolate better than white chocolate?’ was backed up by lots of pre-prepared facts from him, which contributed to a hotly fought contest. Freddy asked, ‘Are small cars suitable for children?’ and he brought along examples to show. Mr Millward took on the role of debate monitor to ensure discussion was fair and relevant. The club is designed not only to improve childrens speaking and listening skills, but to encourage them to see ideas from different perspectives and to respect one anothers views.

Culture Club

Miss Billings has organised ‘Culture Club’ where pupils have been learning about people and events from around the world which influence our culture today. The club have learnt about Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King Jr, Burns Night, Lohri and many more.

“I loved Culture Club because we learned about Rosa Parks and segregation” (Gabi Y3)

Challenge Chasers (Science Club)

Year 2 Science Club investigated which was the most efficient method to melt the ice and help the polar explorer escape.

Young Voices

Our Key Stage 2 ‘Young Voices’ Club travelled to Manchester to perform at the AO Arena. They performed as part of an 8,000 strong choir for a huge audience of parents and friends. They even got to sing with Heather Small (M People) and recorded a single for the ‘Place 2 Be’ charity. It was an incredible night and the pupils were an absolute credit to the school.

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